Sri Lanka, a tropical paradise known for its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, becomes even more vibrant in May. From cultural festivals to thrilling sports events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a look at the top events happening in Sri Lanka this May that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Vesak Festival

Date: May 23-25

Location: Nationwide

Vesak, also known as Buddha Day, is one of the most significant religious festivals in Sri Lanka. Celebrating the birth, enlightenment, and passing of Buddha, the entire country lights up with beautifully decorated lanterns, stunning illuminations, and vibrant processions. Colombo and Kandy are the best cities to experience the grandeur of this festival. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the stunning Vesak pandals (illuminated displays) and partake in the various religious activities.

2. Colombo Fashion Week

Date: Early May

Location: Colombo

Colombo Fashion Week is a premier fashion event that showcases the latest trends in Sri Lankan and international fashion. The event attracts fashion enthusiasts, designers, and models from around the world. Held at various luxury venues across Colombo, this week-long event features runway shows, pop-up shops, and exclusive after-parties. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in fashion and design.

3. Galle Literary Festival

Date: May 10-14

Location: Galle

The Galle Literary Festival is a celebration of literature, bringing together renowned authors, poets, and literary enthusiasts. Set in the historic Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this festival offers a variety of workshops, panel discussions, and book signings. It’s the perfect event for book lovers and those looking to immerse themselves in literary culture while exploring the charming streets of Galle.

4. Poson Poya

Date: May 25

Location: Anuradhapura, Mihintale

Poson Poya commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Mahinda Thera. Celebrations are most prominent in Anuradhapura and Mihintale, where thousands of pilgrims gather for religious observances. The sacred sites are adorned with lanterns, and devotees engage in various religious rituals, offering a profound cultural experience.

5. Arugam Bay Surfing Season

Date: May onwards

Location: Arugam Bay

May marks the beginning of the surfing season in Arugam Bay, one of the top surfing destinations in the world. Surfers from all over flock to this beautiful coastal town to ride the waves and enjoy the laid-back vibe. The season also brings numerous surfing competitions and beach parties, making it a hotspot for both surfers and beach lovers.


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Are you ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka this April? From traditional festivities to exhilarating events, the island nation beckons with a plethora of exciting experiences waiting to be discovered. Here’s your guide to the must-attend events happening across Sri Lanka this month:

  1. Sinhala and Tamil New Year: Join in the joyous celebrations as Sri Lankans usher in the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with traditional rituals, vibrant street decorations, and mouthwatering feasts. Experience the cultural richness of this auspicious occasion as communities come together to mark the beginning of a new year with joy and prosperity.
  2. Vesak Festival: Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the Vesak Festival, commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and passing of Lord Buddha. Marvel at the illuminated streets, visit intricately decorated temples, and witness colorful processions as devotees come together to celebrate this sacred occasion.
  3. Avurudu Pola (New Year Fair): Explore the bustling Avurudu Pola, or New Year Fair, where vibrant stalls offer an array of traditional goods, delicious treats, and festive merchandise. From intricately crafted handicrafts to delectable sweets, indulge in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Sri Lankan culture.
  4. Kandy Esala Perahera: Experience the grandeur of one of Asia’s most spectacular festivals, the Kandy Esala Perahera. Marvel at the dazzling procession of elephants, dancers, and drummers as they parade through the streets of Kandy in homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha.
  5. Colombo International Book Fair: Delve into the world of literature at the Colombo International Book Fair, where book lovers gather to browse through a vast collection of books, attend literary discussions, and meet renowned authors. Discover new literary treasures and immerse yourself in the world of words.

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